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The Sisk Company

Assist in developing additional non interest revenue opportunities for financial institutions. Increase Account Return, Increase Customer Loyalty, Increase Profitability, Increase New Accounts & Deposits.
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Banc Services

Leading financial services institutions, constantly seek new opportunities to provide value to their clients through convenience, personalization and speed all while striving to reduce costs.
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The Anderson Agency Group ServicesFocusing On A Growth Market

Marketing insurance coverage through associations and institutions has grown dramatically in recent years. For financial institutions, it represents an innovative way to build customers loyalty and establish market differentiation in an increasingly competitive environment.

Products designed to cover consumer, mortgage, home equity, seconds & commercial loans:

Credit Life & Disability
Debt Cancellation
Mortgage Life & Disability
Term Life
Extended Warranties

These products protect the bank when customers cannot or will not provide the bank with proof of outside coverage. REO properties can also be covered:

Hybrid Solution - CPI / VSI
Collateral Protection
Vendors Protection
Mortgage Fire
Second Mortgage / Equity Coverage
Flood Insurance
Force Placed Flood (Participating & Non-Participating)

These products can be ordered via the Internet individually or bundled. The bank, therefore, would need to only input the customer information one time instead of once for each vendor:

Flood Determination
Credit Bureau Reports
Automated Valuations
Mortgage Loan Reports
End-to-End Mortgage Settlement Solutions
Risk Analytics Technology
Property Tax Reporting

These programs enhance your DDA's & provide fee income for the bank:

Club Checking
"Thank You" AD&D
Customer Motivators

Home Bundled Program:

Escrow Tracking

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